It’s not like I forgot about this or anything

But…. I did. Sorry. I’ll start posting regularly, I swear.

In other news, I’m working on a new story, unimaginably creative working title The Werewolf Thing, which is–you guessed it–about werewolves. It’s not a paranormal romance, though. Well, it’s kind of a romance, and there’s definitely paranormal stuff, but no.

The main character’s a seventeen-year-old witch named Katriona whose mentor died three weeks into her training, leaving her stranded. She has to teach herself about magic to protect Conan Peak, which is her town and territory. Meanwhile a small pack of werewolves moved in about six months before: The Alpha, Fenrir, his Beta and half-brother, Leon, and their pack, which consists of seventeen-year-old Rory, fifteen-year-old Lucy, and nineteen-year-old Angela. Katriona’s a very active, driven, impulsive character with an enormous work ethic and a sort of lone-wolf mentality. (pun intended.) She throws everything she has into her duties as a witch, and her friendships and relationships suffer as a result. Fenrir is a more cautious, laid-back, insecure character who relies heavily on his brother to lead the pack and is afraid of getting his wolves hurt through some misguided action of his. Leon’s the power behind the throne, and enjoys it.

It’s shaping up to be a trilogy, which sucks because I don’t have the attention span to finish one book, let alone three.

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