The Evil Plot

Okay, so I was planning my story the other day, and I realized that my book was missing a villain. Don’t get me wrong, there was a villain, but he was sort of shadowy and indistinct and didn’t have any motivations or anything.

So I brainstormed, and watched X-men First Class, and ruminated, and then in the shower I had a breakthrough.

My villain’s named Locke. He’s 37, and a werewolf. He’s a lone wolf, an Alpha, and he’s… concerned… about how the werewolf race is slowly dying out. All of the magical creatures are, really. See, the leylines are dying, and they’re the source of all magic in the earth. It takes a pretty good amount of magic to shift from a human to a wolf, so with the magic dying all they can manage are teeth and claws and a sort of half-wolfed out face and posture. Also, less werewolf babies are being born. They’re being born human, instead. Bitten wolves are more likely to die or recover than actually turn. There are thirty packs in America, where there used to be hundreds, and each pack has anywhere from four to twelve wolves.

Locke has no wolves. So he kidnaps a bunch of humans, ages 2 to 30, from all sorts of races and genders and economic status, and starts experimenting. An Alpha’s bite can turn a human into a werewolf, although there’s a chance of death and an equal chance of just not turning. He’s trying to figure out who has the best chance of turning. They keep dying on him though, so he pauses that project for a bit and turns to the leylines to see if he can wake them up a bit, enhance his chances of turning them.

He convinces a witch, Ms. Raye, to connect with the leylines, but in seeking them out and trying to wake them she overreaches herself and dies. Thinking she’s failed, he goes back to his humans and continues the experiment. And they start to turn. One of them, a fifteen-year-old named North, turns all the way.

So perhaps she didn’t fail after all.

Actually, her death, as a sacrifice to the leylines, has woken them. Not much, but enough to start drawing life from the most magical people it can find. It gives them power in return, but it sustains itself off them, and it’s a terrible burden to bear.

Katriona just thinks she’s been doing these spells wrong.

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