Katriona Character WordVomit

So basically I did a freewrite about Katriona’s mommy issues from Fenrir’s point of view. It’s like, three paragraphs without any periods so, yeah, sorry.

At first he doesn’t understand the strange flipsides to her personality, the way she was nice and quiet and in the background with her neighbours, just sweet, innocent, girl-next-door, helps everyone out, studying to be a med student Katriona, but then she talks to him and that personality just falls to pieces until she’s an argumentative, sarcastic, bitter little badass and then she starts warming up to him and he comes to her house to research (and Leon and Luce keep calling it a study date and Fenrir tells them both to shut up without any real heat) and there’s pictures of a woman who looks a bit like Kat everywhere and he picks one up and they’re wearing their hair the same way and she’s laughing into the camera with a jasmine flower tucked behind her ear and when he asks about it, casually, Kat says, “That’s my mom,” with a peculiar tone of sadness and reverence and it gives him an uncomfortable feeling in his gut but it passes and then Kat’s in the hospital and he goes to visit her and he hears the nurses talking about how she’s “such a good patient, and a sweet girl, just like her mother” and he’s starting to put the pieces together but he’s so sad because he lo–he likes Katriona the way she is when she’s honest and real and confrontational and makes him think even when he doesn’t want to that he doesn’t want to put it together, and then the pack somehow manages to earn themselves an invitation for dinner and he watches how Katriona and her dad interact and how her dad shows up late but Katriona just smiles and tells him she kept his plate warm and he kisses her forehead absently and starts eating, and then Katriona laughs a rippling laugh that isn’t her at all and her dad looks up, takes notice, starts to interact with her, then makes a comment about the witch stuff and how well she was handling it and how her mother would be proud and her entire face lights up and its the happiest he’s ever seen her and she’s like a dog begging for scraps and Fenrir just stops eating, lays his fork down and asks to be excused and his wolves look concerned because they can smell his sadness but he just goes into the bathroom and locks the door and buries his face in his hands and tries not to cry and kind of fails because goddammit how did nobody notice that she was suppressing everything she was because she wanted to be loved and a couple of days later they’re having a pack meeting and she’s being bitchy because she’s tired and he just smiles at her helplessly because he’s finally starting to understand why they got lucky enough to have her around and she stops talking and looks at him weird and he just puts a hand on her shoulder for a moment and Leon’s eyebrows are trying to escape and then later they’re fighting and she’s sniping at him and she asks him why he’s constantly trying to provoke her into fights and he’s so fed up and he just yells at her “It’s the only time when you’re you, dammit!” and everyone goes quiet and she asks him quietly what did you just say and he says “I don’t think your mom was as perfect as you seem to think; and I’d rather have you than her clone” and she just stares at him and then she’s shrieking and crying and trying to punch him and he lets her, holds her close and the pack drifts off meaningfully and after that it’s better.

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