Leon/Fenrir Character Development Freewrite

Fenrir was, quite honestly, spoiled, as an Alpha pup and the child of two Alphas, born in a time when werewolf children were precious and rare. Leon was not nearly so spoiled, a Beta and six years older and quiet, fading out of the spotlight as it shone full-force on Fenrir. It was strange that, since Leon was one of the only ones who told him “No,” and punished him and taught him right from wrong, Leon was his favorite, and the first word he said was “Lee!” Leon raised him, taught him everything, and the two were inseparable.


When Fenrir hit his teenage years and started going through girls like they were trash, dross, it was Leon who smacked him upside the head and grounded him and told him he better treat girls right because someday he was going to fall in love and would you want boys treating Luce or your future mate that way? And after that little talk Fenrir was still a flirt, incorrigible, but he thought and waited and listened and made attempts towards stable relationships.


Fenrir was good-hearted, well-meaning, intelligent and charismatic, he just got what he wanted whenever he wanted and was treated like the center of the universe so he was also selfish and arrogant and lazy and Leon could only do so much when there were six adult werewolves at home spoiling the crap out of him.


And suddenly Fenrir was eighteen and everyone’s attitudes made a quick 180 and he was expected to be a good Alpha and selfless and perfect but he wasn’t, he had never been taught how because for all his teachings Leon was a Beta and a child himself and all Fenrir knew from watching his parents was that Alphas were in charge and should be listened to and had to take care of their wolves, he never learned the specifics, how to have authority and direct hunts and calm a berserk wolf or hide from hunters.


When Fenrir was nineteen, nearly twenty, he took most of the younger generation of wolves and set off to make his own pack, and Leon followed, tied to his brother and grown old and responsible long before his time. He was supportive of Fenrir’s decisions and nudged him towards better ones and gave him advice when Fenrir was foundering.


Then he was approached by a lone Alpha, who talked to him about making werewolf children commonplace and enlarging packs and power and Leon was a good Beta but he didn’t bring it up to Fenrir, he just said yes because when had Fenrir ever had good judgement anyway?


So Leon approached and coaxed and made promises and veiled threats until the witch of the town where they’d settled down agreed to raise the leylines.


But she died.


And it was Leon’s fault.


And then he found out she had an apprentice, Katriona, and Katriona took a head on approach to Fenrir and told him she despised him and held him in contempt and picked fights with him and challenged him and somehow Fenrir started working towards being a better person and Alpha, started asking advice of all of his wolves and saying “please” and listening, and Leon kind of wanted to kiss Katriona but didn’t because A. she wasn’t his type (girls weren’t) and B. Fenrir would probably kill him because he was strangely attached to the witch.


And then Locke showed up and outed him, told them all it was Leon’s fault Ms. Raye died and praised him and they hated him, hated Locke but also started being repelled by Leon, and he didn’t know it was an accident but Katriona needed a scapegoat so she knew it wasn’t her fault so she turned away from Leon and hated him and Fenrir stepped back, distanced himself from both of them because when your brother and best friend (possible mate), two people you loved, were at odds how were you supposed to pick a side?


So Leon left, just packed up and left and started taking community college classes and hesitantly started dating (for the first time since his father had found out he liked men and told him he was crazy and that his wolfish instincts were shot to shit) until about two months in when Fenrir showed up at his doorstep old and sad and quiet and told him softly about what Locke had done and what they’d found and Katriona was hovering between life and death and begged him to come home and help him deal with his new pack members, teach him how to be a good man like he’d done all his life and Leon tempted fate and asked Katriona or me and Fenrir paused and said depends who’s right and Leon specified about Ms. Raye and Fenrir said he’d talk to Katriona about it in a very meaningful way, so Leon went home to three new members of the pack, one of which was nothing but a puppy and the others hardly teenagers and he was good at this, at children, and when Katriona awoke she watched him with the children for a few days, quietly, and then hugged him and they began a hesitant friendship that solidified after a particularly frustrating day dealing with Fenrir when they went and got drunk (illegally, on Katriona’s part) and bitched about Fenrir and the pack and later on when they were drunker and sadder their families and death and Leon may have accidentally told Katriona he was gay and Katriona shrugged and asked him what his “type” was and then went on a long rant about how stupidly perfect Tom Hiddleston was and it was okay, it was fun, and after that they were best friends and tag-teamed a bewildered, slightly intimidated Fenrir.


Leon ended up dating a brilliant, absent-minded extremely minor god of mechanical creativity who used to be a Victorian era inventor who had an odd, eclectic personality that matched his beautiful inventions and trinkets and had a particular fondness for trebuchets and clockwork, and Fenrir pinned the demigod to a wall and told him he loves you treat him right or you’ll have our pack on your ass and embarrassed the hell out of Leon but it was worth it when the demigod smiled at him and told him he loved him in a sad sort of way and held on to him and asked him to stay with him for the rest of his life and Leon didn’t even have to think about it because he was loved and this person who he could care for but was also caring for him was perfect and they got married and Fenrir and Katriona finally got married and it was happy and they were happy and Leon adopted children and raised them and offered them the bite when they were old enough and ugh fluff and sweetness and no, okay, no, I refuse to kill him, no, he’s not going to fucking die I refuse to let it happen because I adore him and he’s my favorite ugh.


He dies a little before that last paragraph has a chance to happen.


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One Response to Leon/Fenrir Character Development Freewrite

  1. Tara Schiller says:

    Love it! It sounds like there is a lot going on there and that you will have enough depth within your character’s individual stories to have good character development and plot. Excited to read it!

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