My Need for Third Party Self Control

I will be the first to say that I have little to no self control. If you put a chocolate bar in front of me, I will eat it all unless you specifically tell me not to. Even if you do, as long as no one else is eating the chocolate bar, I’ll probably sneak some more. (I mean, if I’m sharing with someone, I’m nice enough to only eat my half. I might consider eating their half, but I won’t do it.) Lately, what I’ve been struggling with is going to bed much later than I should because I’m reading something (fanfiction) on the computer, and I need to finish the story before I go to bed. I tell myself, just one more chapter, and suddenly it’s one o’ clock in the morning and there’s still three chapters left, and I end up going to bed at two. As you can imagine, this is A Problem.

I mean, I don’t mean to have poor self control, I just procrastinate having self control until I have no self control. So, I went online and found a Curfew extension for Chrome that turns all the pages on my computer to blank white screens with the word “CURFEW” emblazoned across the top at 10 PM. See, self control. Well, third-party self control. I mean, I had the self control to get an app that controls it for me, that counts, right?

So now, I only procrastinate going to bed until 11, instead of 1, and I hardly ever have to take a shower in the morning because I don’t want to wake everyone up at midnight anymore.

Now, if only there was an app that would take food away from me after I’ve eaten enough. Maybe I’ll bribe my sister.

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One Response to My Need for Third Party Self Control

  1. Tara Schiller says:

    I love the way you write. It’s so entertaining!

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