Like A Little Español Fairy

Okay, I know how the title sounds, but I’m not racist, I’m just an overexcitable fourteen year old learning a new language.

See, there’s this site called Duolingo, that’s a really gamified way of learning a language. When you complete a lesson, you earn experience points, to help you level up, and when you complete a skillset, such as “Basics 1” or “Around the House” you earn Lingots, a virtual currency you can use to unlock optional skills in your language like Flirting or Idioms. Lately, my entire family has been into it, in a really competitive way, because when you friend someone you can see how many experience points they’ve earned this week and how you measure up.

Recently, like, the last couple days or so, Spanish has sort of “clicked” for me. I can make sentencesUstedes leen los palabros. You read the words. Las tazos son en la cocina. The cups are in the kitchen. I know so many things. I feel like a little Español fairy, like whenever someone’s like, “QUICK! WHAT IS THE WORD FOR THIS IN SPANISH?” I pop up with a little “ding!” and go, “El espejo” (The mirror) and they’re like, “Thank you, Español fairy!¨and I’m like, “De nada” and I disappear with another little “ding”.

(Yes, I just got back from Starbucks, can you tell?)

Learning new languages is fun.


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2 Responses to Like A Little Español Fairy

  1. Tara Schiller says:

    La fille boivent du cafe.
    “The girl drinks some coffee.”

    You’re awesome! … But I’m going to take you down in duolingo.

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