Dentists are evil and should not be trusted. They are sadistic torturers who laugh at your pain in the name of good dental hygiene.

I may be overreacting, a bit. My dentist is a very nice Asian man who cannot help that his profession is one that brings tears to the eyes of grown men at the mere mention of its name.

See, I have a lot of cavities. I’m blaming it on my dad’s weak teeth and not my tendency to rush through brushing my teeth. Every Saturday, from here until May, I have to go to the dentist and get them fixed. This is my second trip to get them filled, and since they have to give me a shot (A HUGE INTIMIDATING SHOT INSIDE MY MOUTH) they put a weird gas mask thing on me and gassed me with nitrous oxide. Laughing gas. I was not laughing. I do not like that at all. It was weird and I felt out of control and at one point I had a really irrational panic and started to hold my breath because of some weird imaginary conspiracy theory, idk. And the shot still hurt like a bitch, so why I even needed laughing gas is beyond me.

Oh, and after that, it appears that I’ve inherited Mom’s general drug immunity (She had her first C-section with painkillers that didn’t work on her, can you imagine) and it still hurt when they started grinding away the enamel on my teeth so they had to give me another shot and it STILL hurt deep down in the bones of my jaw but I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want another shot. Then they did their grinding and put pliers in my mouth and did lots of freaky, painful, uncomfortable things and my arms fell asleep and I got dizzy and it was not very much fun at all.

And it’s been an hour and my mouth is STILL numb so I can’t eat the breakfast burrito my dad got me and basically my life sucks.

And yes, I know I’m whining, and I don’t care.

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One Response to The DENTIST

  1. Tara Schiller says:

    Sounds like a good reason to over brush.

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