Slam Poetry

So like, last week or something (I’m homeschooled, my general knowledge of time passing is “It’s probably April”) I discovered this awesomesauce thing called slam poetry.

Poetry, in general, tends to bore me. I attempt to nurture an interest in it occasionally, like a good little writer, but I’ve never been able to muster up the necessary enthusiasm. Of course, I was laboring over things like Emily Dickens and Lord Baron or Byron or whatever.

Then, on Tumblr, someone posted a link to a slam poem. I think it was about how women are socialized to shrink themselves down to create space for the men around them, and it was really great. See, slam poetry is emotional poetry that is performed out loud, usually with a lot of pretty metaphors and also a lot of plain, modern language, and I love it a lot. Here, I’ll link you some of my favorites:

Scratch & Dent Dreams, which is about not giving up on your dreams too soon, and also peanut butter ice cream.

Ten Responses To The Phrase ‘Man Up’ which is about masculine stereotypes and how they’re harmful, but not as stuffy as that.

Letter To A Playground Bully from Andrea Age 8 1/2 which is about sympathy for bullies and things idk.

PTSD which is about ghetto kids being traumatized, by two teachers.

If I Should Have A Daughter which is about optimism and not letting the world get to you, and it is my absolute favorite poem ever oh my god.

Watch them. All of them. It’ll take you like ten to fifteen minutes, come on, you’ve got time.

I’d make a slam poem, but I have a horrific sort of stage fright that allows me to perform perfectly during rehearsals and on YouTube and with typed words but as soon as I try to read my work out loud, especially live, I freeze up, thrust my pages at someone else to read, and sprint out of the room and squat by the doorway where I can still hear but I am out of sight. And then I emerge at the end for praise and adulation, so basically, I need someone else to perform it for me. (My mom offered, and I might take her up on it as soon as I can write a poem worthy of it because like hell am I letting anything worse than the best I have to offer go out into the world)

So. Basically. Slam poetry is more awesome than normal poetry, and you should totally watch some of those videos.

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