The Music On My iPod

I love music. Like, a lot. There are so many different kinds, different emotions. There are songs that make me feel cheerful and productive, and songs that make me brood and write terrible, depressing poetry. There are songs that make me want to dance in public in a flowery dress, and songs that make me want to sashay through a palace in a gorgeous black dress with a train and order executions with a snap of my fingers, or destroy buildings with the magical storm of my rage. (I call it Supervillain Music)

For example, Colbie Caillat and Avril Lavigne make me want to clean things and make crafts, at least partly because those were the only music CDs we owned when my sister and I were too young to have iPods, and so we just played them over and over in our beat up, used karaoke machine when we cleaned our room. I have a Pandora station dedicated to them, although, of course, other songs show up, but they sound similar enough that I’m still lovely and productive.

Carrie Underwood is very empowering to me, and makes me feel like a badass, specifically the songs “Blown Away” and “Good Girl”, but other songs that make me feel like that are “Let it Go,” the Demi Lovato version, and “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation which starts with the interesting lyrics “I’ll seek you out/flay you alive/one more word and you won’t survive” and has a prominent place in my Supervillain playlist.

I listen to The Cab radio on Pandora when I want to be active and go running and biking. I was introduced to them through my friend Christine, who showed me the song “Angel With A Shotgun” and told me it was totally a Destiel song. Also on that station is Panic! At The Disco, particularly their excellent song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

And then, of course, there are the quiet and/or sappy romantic/friendship songs that make me daydream and go all melty inside. I have been informed that my choice in sappy romantic songs is questionable, to say the least, but the person doing the informing is twelve, listens mainly to Lorde, and hates listening to music from an artist she doesn’t know, so I ignore her. The Civil Wars have several very nice songs, but my main go-to romantic sappy songs are “Endlessly” by the Cab, “Forever and Always, by Parachute, “Falling In Love At A Coffeeshop,” by Landon Pigg, and “Your Guardian Angel” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

There you go, some music recommendations. I also recommend “Waiting For Superman,” by Daughtry, “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars, “Skinny Love” by Birdy, and “Who We Are” by Imagine Dragons.

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2 Responses to The Music On My iPod

  1. eyelava says:

    I like to clean to music too.
    I’ve heard “Waitin for Superman” sang by Flaming-lips and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.
    I probably mostly listen to bands such as Cold-play, Aha, and Keane.

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