10 Interesting Words

1. Braggadocio: boasting, arrogance, etc. “Man, that guy has a lot of braggadocio. Let’s see how he measures up in a real fight.”

2. Scumgullion: Stew or thick soup. “What’s for dinner?” “Scumgullion.”

3. Snafu. Refers to something that goes terribly wrong, particularly in a string of other bad things. It’s a military acronym that stands for “Situation Normal, All F–ed Up.” “Well, that party was a snafu.”

4. Cattywampus: Askew, awry. “That corner’s pretty cattywampus, don’t you think?”

5. Taradiddle: A lie, pretentious nonsense. “And no more taradiddles out of you!”

6. Snickersnee: A large knife. “Hand me that snickersnee, I want to cut up the melon.”

7. Bumfuzzle: Confuse or bewilder. “That riddle really bumfuzzled me.”

8. Susurrus: A whispering or rasping noise: “The wind made a susurrus in the eaves”

9. Tintinnabulation: The ringing or sound of bells. “The church bells are making a nice tintinnabulation today, don’t you think?”

10. Impavid: Fearless. “Are you afraid?” “Oh, no, I’m quite impavid.”

There you go. Vocabulary lesson of the day. Feel free to slip these words into conversation with your friends to make yourself sound intelligent. God knows I will.


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4 Responses to 10 Interesting Words

  1. It might be fun, if one were impavid enough, to throw a dinner party with scumgullion as the main course. Call everybody to the table with a tintinnabulation, and attempt to serve the sickening slop with a snickersnee. As you do so, tell a taradiddle about it being an ancient family serving method passed down through countless generations. Tell it with real Braggadocio! Your guests may begin to sense that something about your mental state is cattywampus, but they won’t be truly bumfuzzled until you make a susurrus by scratching your three-day stubble against the tablecloth and start purring like a cat. It would surely go down as a particularly memorable snafu for all fortunate enough to have been there.

  2. *Bows* Thank you! You’ve been a wonderful audience!

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