An Eggscellent Day Out

Easter’s coming up, and homeschooling groups are prepared!

Yesterday, my parents surprised us by saying that we were going down to our old Park Day (Wednesday homeschooling group at, you guessed it, the park.) for an Easter Egg hunt. I cried. Jade cried. Ender immediately hopped on Skype to tell his girlfriend he was coming to see her. It was great.

After an hour and a half drive (That was not so great) we arrived at the park. It was awkward, for a few minutes, and then we broke the ice and chatted like I hadn’t moved away a year and a half before. One of my best friends, Michael, literally grew six inches and he’s now six foot and as tall as my dad, and I lopped a good foot of hair off my head, so there was lots of discussion over that.

We did an Easter egg hunt, I hired two first graders who were hanging around to help me find Easter eggs in exchange for candy, there was some severe competition, a few injuries, and a few yells of “WHO PUT CHOCOLATE IN THEIR EASTER EGGS ITS EIGHTY DEGREES OUT”. After that, we convened on the giant stone compass in the ground to trade candy.

When we’d finished our candy, we were sitting around cracking jokes, and I hit on the glorious idea of EGG PUNS. My friends laughed at the first few, and then they started groaning whenever I said the word “egg.” Michael, however, my glorious partner in crime, began to crack his own egg puns. We teamed up to play a game, and yelled egg puns at each other from across the field, much to the dismay of my other friends.

“Isn’t this an uneggspected turn of events?”

“It is time for me to make my eggscape!”

“What an eggnoble death for such an eggscellent punner”


“I would be eggstatic if you were on my team”

That sort of thing.

It was a good day.

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One Response to An Eggscellent Day Out

  1. Tara Schiller says:

    Good times.

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