Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, folks! Did you know, Easter was originally a pagan spring festival to honor the goddess Eastar of fertility and, well, sex. Then the Church took it over, and now it’s Easter Sunday, the day on which Jesus rose from the dead. (You didn’t think the eggs and bunnies represented Jesus or something, did you?)

My Easter was lovely, I got woken up at seven in the morning by chanting siblings.

“Eas-ter, Eas-ter, Eas-ter, wake up, it’s Easter!”

Five minutes later, we were all huddled in my room, and nothing was happening, so I curled up and went back to sleep. At least, until my little brother noticed and yelped,

“Kamryn, are you sleeping?”

“Not any more.”

I was properly woken up, however, and then Dad came in to let us out into the living room to hunt for Easter eggs.

There were about ten scattered on the floor so Spawn could pick them up, and once he figured out what to do he was ecstatic, picking up eggs while we were still opening the Easter baskets sitting on the dining table.

Then the hunt was on, and it was a hard hunt. There were 69 eggs hidden, (would have been seventy but Mom broke one) and I found 21, hidden in various cupboards, shoes,and baskets and on top of the refrigerator and window casing.

The rest of the day was a good one, playing board games with my family (A topic for another post) and gardening (Also a different post.)

All in all, this was a pretty good Easter.

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