Roses Are (not necessarily) Red

My family is currently renting a house in California with four rose bushes in the back. One’s a huge, sprawling white rose bush, there’s a small, compact red rose bush, a rose bush that hasn’t bloomed for six months so I’ve forgotten the color, and a decently sized orange rose bush. In between the rose bushes is a metropolis of weeds and long grasses, and there are dead flowers on nearly every branch, which bend over the patio and force us to walk around.

However, recently I decided that I was going to re-prettify the rose bushes, through pruning, weeding, watering more often, etc. It’s an ongoing and probably lengthy project, but every time I work on it it’s easy to see the changes, and very satisfying. There’s a vase full of orange and white roses on the kitchen table, and eleven buds on the orange rose bush. There are too many to count on the white. There’s a decent strip of ground that is free of weeds and grasses, and I water them more often (Apparently, it’s theoretically impossible to over-water roses, although it’s recommended to water them deeply every two-three days.)

It’s dirty and hot and hard work but there’s a thrill you get from fixing things and growing things you can’t get anywhere else.

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