The Droughts and Fires of South Cali

A few days ago, our grandmother was babysitting us when she got a call from her mother–our great grandmother–saying that she had to evacuate her house, because the knoll about two hundred yards away had caught fire. She was upset and panicking, and Mimi (My grandmother) had to calm her down and tell her to go to our Aunt Sha’s house. GGMa (Our GreatGrandMa) barely got there before they closed the freeway.

This is what’s going down in South Cali right now. We have had perhaps one rainfall in the last six months, and everything’s parched and dry. There are water shortages, and all of the grass on all of the hills is dry enough to crackle: perfect tinder for a rampant wildfire.

Luckily, we’re not in the San Diego area, which is where the fires are, but our area is as dry as anything else, so that’s not really reassuring. They’re calling it San Diego’s May Firestorm, for now, and there are about 8 fires currently, with a total of almost 30 million dollars in damage and 3 injuries. There’s a constant, faint smoke cloud in the distance from where we are.

They’ve contained five of the fires completely, trapping them so they can  burn themselves out, and they expect to have the rest contained by the end of the week. Most of the evacuations have been lifted, so GGMa can go home.


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