Why Unschooling Is Infinitely Superior

I have been unschooled for most of my life, but I also spent a couple of semesters in a Middle School charter, and another semester in an earlier one. There are several reasons why unschooling is superior, and I shall name them all.

First, and foremost, I don’t have to wake up at seven thirty in the morning. I can sleep until nine thirty on my babysitting days and like, eleven on Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends. That means that (since I usually procrastinate sleeping), I actually get a decent amount of sleep. I am an extremely positive, cheerful person if I get more than nine or ten hours, but any less than that and I shamble through the day, struggling to muster up the necessary enthusiasm.

Second, I can learn what I want to learn and not what anyone else wants me to learn. I really, really do not care about what date that one dynasty came to power, nor do I care about this super boring book they make you answer super boring questions about, and Algebra can go screw itself. The entirety of school was either ridiculously easy, puzzlingly difficult, or mind-numbingly boring. Recently, I have been learning about the Victorian Era’s daily culture, the Japanese censorship of media and its effect on the political climate, and the need for feminism in the Middle East. A few weeks ago, I was learning about female pirates, the effect of familial relationships on psychology, and mermaid myths. All of which is ten times more interesting than King effing Hammurabi.

Third, there’s no judgy people. I like talking to people as much as the next chick, but not when they’re going to insult and belittle me for actually wanting to stay on track and do my work instead of gossiping about who was dating who and talking about weed like, Jesus Christ people, there’s a time and a place for that. I wasn’t as stylish, self-confident, and interesting back then, I guess, but people were still super judgy. I much prefer homeschoolers. Well. Certain homeschoolers. Let’s be honest, some homeschoolers are effing crazy and should be avoided. (I’m not going into specifics on what crazy means because I’m not stupid and I don’t want to get lynched.)

Fourth, I don’t have to do group projects. The people are annoying and un-motivated (See above), and I was always the nerdy chick who did all of the work because I wanted a good grade (and also because I’m a control freak but ssshhh we don’t talk about that).

Fifth, and final, I don’t have anyone telling me I did it wrong. I hate it when teachers tell me my opinion isn’t valid because it isn’t in their Big Book Of Teaching, or nag me to write complete sentences. YOUR BORING ASS BOOK QUESTIONNAIRE DOESNT DESERVE COMPLETE SENTENCES SO THERE. I’ve had teachers ask a question and then say, “Okay, does anyone know this but Kamryn?” because apparently I was the only one who’d actually done the work, and my hand was always raised. Art class was fun, but we had specific formats and ways something was supposed to go, and if it didn’t do that we got marked down.

Sorry. It’s kind of a sore subject with me. Anyway, unschooling is definitely better, at least for me. Probably for most of the other kids in America, too, considering we’re the country with the 23rd highest test scores.

Maybe with some serious educational reform, school could become a good thing again. That would be great, I would love that.

But right now, that’s not a thing. So I unschool.



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