Fairy Garden

About a week ago my grandmother took a flight from Colorado to come and stay with us while our parents were in Vegas for a work conference. She had a whole list of activities planned, but the most prominent was a fairy garden.

Fairy gardens are teeny tiny gardens with teeny tiny plants, usually in pots or planters, where everything is miniaturized. Google it, they’re gorgeous and adorable. They’re intended to be like gardens or homes for fairies, and are often accompanied by small ceramic fairies.

Anyway, we decided to create a fairy garden. I researched a nursery near us, Lakewood, and we drove the fifteen minutes to get there, only to arrive in baking heat. You know how our house doesn’t have air conditioning? Neither did the nursery, and the thermometers on the wall said it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Awful. The nursery did have a bunch of tiny, adorable, gorgeous plants, though, and we got a teeny birdbath as well. Mimi (our grandmother) had brought a little swing set for a fairy garden already, so we were pretty much set. We spent a long time looking for a pot for our fairy garden, looking at wide pots, tiered pots, big pots, not-so-big pots, ceramic, wooden, and plastic pots, but none of them worked. Then, as I was wandering around looking at the flowers, I spotted it. The perfect pot. It’s a pyramid shaped pot, made out of oblong, rectangular wooden blocks, like square Lincoln Logs stacked in steadily increasing sizes, and it’s painted a fetching shade of rustic red. We had to have it, so we piled all of our tiny plants into it and brought it up to the front desk to pay.

After that we went and got ice cream, because it was super freaking hot out, but after that we went to the dollar store and got a few more accessories for the garden.

Then we went home to assemble it. It was definitely an interesting experience: I got bit by a spider that crawled out of the soil, Spawn had an odd fascination with the centimeter wide red, dusty Decorative Rocks we got, and kept scooping tiny toddler handfuls into the garden, and the tiny pool made out of a small plastic bucket got so much dirt in it we gave up and put a small ceramic turtle in it to make it look nicer.

When we were finished, it was gorgeous, just beautiful. We were all very proud, except for Spawn, who felt that it needed more Decorative Rocks, but luckily we managed to dissuade him.

That reminds me, I need to water the fairy garden.

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