Homestuck: The WTF review

So I just finished Homestuck the other day, and it was– Well, I was very– It’s complicated. Let’s start at the beginning. Not the beginning of Homestuck, though, because there are 9000 mothereffing pages and this–review?–will never be finished.

Basically, Homestuck is a webcomic about this game called Sburb that affects real life, and once you start playing it your life turns into a video game, the world ends, and your team, who are the last four human beings left alive, start playing together: John, who is a dorky adorable kid who likes old movies, Dave, who is ironic and sarcastic about everything, and thinks he’s the coolest thing ever, (He starts out annoying but chills out later and becomes a badass), Jade, who is a quirky sweet child who lives all alone in a big empty house on a jungle island, with only her magic dog for company, and who can dream about the future, and Rose, who lives in a big empty house with her alcoholic mother.

Basically they have to level up and go through gates to other kingdoms and stuff while being given info by trolls, who are not only Internet trolls but actual trolls, with like, horns and things, and there are twelve of those, who had played their own version of Sburb once upon a time, but the humans accidentally tore a hole in spacetime and let through a big bad guy, and so the trolls couldn’t go into the universe they created, which was the human universe???

It’s complicated, there’s lot’s of profanity, innuendos, and thirteen-year-olds with way too much time on their hands, and then later the kids from the original (two?) universes, including the trolls, travel to another universe to meet their parents who, because of time travel fuckery, were now their children, reproduced by ectobiology tech.

Oh, and they only communicate through this thing called Pesterlog, or Trollian for the trolls, and–nevermind. Just read it. It’s good. Disturbing, and it will mess with your brain, but good. Karkat is the best troll and he is adorable, jsyk. He acts all tough and then is like the only troll to cry when someone dies and he talks about his feelings with his past/future selves (through a time-irrelevant messageboard??!!)


Sorry, my computer’s fucked up right now and won’t let me post the link. It’s barely letting me post this post.


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