The Malware Dilemma

Sorry about all the missed posts, guys, but my computer started acting up, going reeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyy slllloooooowwwwllly and sometimes just F R e E Zin G up.

The first thing I tried to fix it was deleting all my unwanted programs. I uninstalled several, but there was this one called YT Downloader that refused to uninstall. I didn’t think too much about it, just figured it was another quirk to my wince-worthy computer,  and continued on my foray through making my computer faster. After some Googling and hypothesizing, I figured it was malware or a virus affecting my performance, and worked on that.

The anti-malware programs I found online refused to download, which supported my hypothesis, but also frustrated me a lot. I figured we were going to have to take my computer in to the Geek Squad to have them fix it, but when I mentioned that to Dad, he snorted at me, took my computer, and started fiddling with it. We got in an argument over that, because we both have control issues and it’s my computer that I paid for and he hasn’t used a Windows computer in like, five years, which ended with him threatening to take my computer away and me pouting and sitting behind him to watch without touching.

The first thing he did was go through the Task Manager thing I already had up and uninstall Norton Security, which was using 68% of my RAM. He then went on a long rant about how the Windows company was scamming you by forcing you to renew Norton because you thought there was a virus when really Norton was just clogging up your drives. I took my computer back and kept uninstalling programs, but YT Downloader still wouldn’t go away.  It was taking up a pretty good amount of my RAM as well, too, so I was determined to be rid of it.

I googled it, and the first thing that popped up was an article on what kind of anti-malware you should get so you could get rid of that icky virus, YT Downloader.



Guess I was right after all.

I downloaded this big tough anti-malware program called MalwareBytes Anti-Malware which trundled through my hard drive, found 234 things that raised red flags, quarantined them, and then let me delete them with a click of a button.

Two. Hundred. Thirty. Four.

Needless to say, my computer runs much faster now. Heh. You go, MalwareBytes.

(I would like to recommend not having it as a startup program though, it takes up a lot of RAM.)

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One Response to The Malware Dilemma

  1. 1Alive says:

    Really well written.

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