In Which I Don’t Put Makeup On For Boys.

If you compared the me of a year ago to the me of today, you probably would have a hard time telling they were the same person.

A year ago, I was a self-conscious, geeky tomboy with hair that cascaded all the way down my back and who sneered at makeup and fancy shoes as girly and uncool. I wore boat shoes, fandom t-shirts, and jeans with holes in the knees, and thought girly-girls were stupid and not worthy of my time.

Today, I have an A-line haircut that has soft wings of hair to frame my face, I’m wearing a lovely summer dress and gladiator sandals, and my face is made-up expertly. I feel gorgeous, and wonderful, and ten times more confident. I even went on a date.

To be honest with you, the date kind of sucked. I went to see Captain America 2 with an old friend who turned out to have a crush on me and who I used to have a crush on back. I had gotten my hair cut the day before, I was in my most flattering dress, and my makeup was effing flawless, and he did not compliment me at all on any of it. I prompted him about the haircut, too.

“Did you see I got my hair cut?”

“Yeah, I saw.”

That was it. Nothing else. God. He wasn’t even being an asshole, he’s just a 14 year old boy and 14 year old boys are roughly equivalent to 10 year old girls.

See, on paper, my friend seems perfect: He’s nice, smart, relatively attractive, into my fandoms, etc.

But God he is so boring.

I thought he had hidden depths, but no, he’s just a marshmallow to his core.

See, he’s too nice. Maybe that’s not a problem for some girls, who like to be able to boss a boy around, but it is impossible to get to know someone if they just agree with whatever you say to avoid conflict. He never got angry. Ever. I like arguing and debating and I’m super competitive, but there was nothing to compete with. Just… marshmallow. I finally managed to pin him down on a ship (RelationSHIP, usually used when fans think that two characters in a fandom who are not together should be together.) that I liked and he didn’t, and I went into action with my weapons and debates, but as soon as I volleyed my first argument, he caved like a hollow sand castle.


He has no controversial or strong opinions on anything that cannot be changed by a puppy eyed look, he takes everything at face value, and honestly, I’m starting to believe that theory that says that on average, a girl has the maturity of a boy seven years older than her.

Anyway! He didn’t compliment me, which was the boring vanilla frosting on the boring vanilla cupcake, so I emphatically did NOT suggest another date.

I mean, not that I’ve broken up with him. I’m a coward, and I don’t want to rot his marshmallow, so I’m just avoiding him. In my defense, he hasn’t talked to me since then either.

And I mean, really, who goes on a date and doesn’t compliment the other person? I complimented him, even though he was wearing a ratty t-shirt, jeans, and the same short, fluffy haircut he always has, because I am a POLITE and WELL EDUCATED individual and also I was hoping that would at least prompt him to what he missed.

Screw him, I’m super gorgeous anyway. I love makeup, it makes me look like a supermodel and is excellent for my self esteem, my new haircut is ten times more flattering, my clothes are match-y and beautiful, and my shoes are super effing cute.

Boys, schmoys.

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2 Responses to In Which I Don’t Put Makeup On For Boys.

  1. eimzpink says:

    I’m so happy you’re so confident with yourself! And we seem to have similar personalities as I also love to debate any topic at any given time xD
    Oh, and I also loved how you called him a marshmallow. That made me laugh! 😀

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