I don’t know where everyone got this idea that Hufflepuffs are helpless and adorable and stupid and sweet. Actually, yeah, I do, we only see the Houses through a Gryffindor’s eyes but still.

Listen, Hufflepuff takes the loyal and the hardworking and the accepting and also the outcasts, the ones too delicate for Slytherin, too cowardly for Gryffindor, not smart enough for Ravenclaw. And that’s a good plan, really, putting them with the accepting ones, provides a buffer between them and the things that will shatter them further, teaches them kindness and loyalty and love.

Those children are dangerous children, but really, all the Hufflepuffs are.

Sure, they like to bake, and sing, and be friendly and tidy. They’re like Hobbits, that way. What you have to remember, though, about Hobbits and Hufflepuffs, is that they are more than they seem. A Hobbit vanquished the greatest enemy of a millennia, remember. Hufflepuffs don’t make enemies, they make friends, but if someone hurts those friends, they are dead.

Have you ever heard to fear a good man more than an evil man? The evil man needs to tell you all about his plans and revel in the glory, but a good man will kill you wordlessly and quickly and move on to other things, and that goes twice for a Hufflepuff. Obviously, if you deserve their wrath, you deserve your death.

And another thing, Hufflepuffs are team players. You mess with one, you mess with all and don’t you dare mess with their pups or they will come down on you with all of the slow roused wrath of an Ent and just as deadly. And if one Hufflepuff knows a skill, all of them know it, because they are generous and teach each other and share with those less fortunate and leaders are born here, you know.

Take a minute to imagine a Hufflepuff Dark Lord, who’s just trying to help out her friends, honestly, because it’s not their fault they slaughter people at the full moon or drink blood to live. Imagine her terrifying reasonable calm as she kills people and then turns around and gives their widows aid, imagine the loyalty of her followers, the love of the conquered, the way she’d make a Horcrux out of a pebble and toss it in the sea and keep on keeping on. Imagine a villain with common sense who can and will work for what she wants and what she wants is to help you realize she isn’t a villain, really, someone who will bake cookies in her downtime as soon as she wipes the blood off her hands very thoroughly because she doesn’t want to be unhygienic after all, and after you’ve imagined that I want you to look me in my Hufflepuff eyes and tell me that I’m weak or stupid, as I let you think you’re smarter than me, stronger than me, because I am confident and supported and loved and let’s be honest, that sister I have in Slytherin is going to jump to my defense any second now because I’m hers and haven’t you ever wondered why Hufflepuffs don’t get bullied?

You DARE stand on my ground and tell me you know anything about Hufflepuffs?

Pah. You don’t deserve my cookies.

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2 Responses to Hufflepuffs

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Hufflepuffs are awesome, and I’m saying that as a Slytherin. They are loyal and we could all use loyal friends in our lives 🙂

  2. isa13na says:

    Hufflepuffs are great people, and there are so many examples in the book, and J.K. Rowling herself says that Hufflepuff is her favorite house. Excellent post.

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