Road Trip

So today me and my family went to the beach, to bike along Balboa Pier because my mom wanted to get photos for her blog, and on the way, we decided to sing songs.

It started out with songs from musicals, and then it segued into Disney songs, and then we ran out of kid-friendly songs and started singing pop, and then somehow someone brought up Nicki Minaj and I immediately broke out the only rap song I know.

This one is for the boys with the booming system 

Top down AC with the cooling system

When he come up in the club he be blazing up

Got stacks on deck like he saving up

Now, the thing you have to remember is that I am a five-foot nothing fourteen year old girl with a cute bob, a tank top, and red lipstick who had been singing “Let It Go” five minutes before. I am not a rapper. I wander around and walk into walls and read books and drink tea with so much sugar and milk that it makes everyone else in my family want to throw up.

I was rocking it, though, and my mom just starts laughing really hard, especially when my sister joined in. All I remember is the first verse, so I dug out the lyrics and dropped the beat. (I mean. I think I did. I’m not entirely sure what exactly “dropping the beat” means but it seemed appropriate.)

Of course, halfway through the second verse is the word “motherfucking” and my sister knows the song well enough to censor herself at that part but I was just reading and spewing and of course I said it really loudly into my sister’s silence, in a car that contained a nine year old and a two year old.


I just started laughing hysterically, along with my mom, who apparently finds my rapping hilarious, and repeating the words,

“I wasn’t paying attention! I wasn’t paying attention!” over and over.

As a result, my mother has decided to learn how to rap, because my sister and I have inspired her.

Interesting day, as you can imagine.

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