As always, I am so, so sorry.

Yes, yes, another unplanned hiatus– I’m sorry, I really am, I was lazy and then I was busy and then I got hooked on new fandoms and somehow I never got around to putting new posts on the blog. I really need to keep a blogging schedule.

Here’s what’s been going on:

My family is moving to Europe on August 1st, so that’s been contributing to the busy-ness. Specifically, we’re going through New York to stay in Paris for a couple days and then we’re going to Spain for a few months and then possibly Greece. This means that we have to get rid of a bunch of stuff and keep our house clean for people who want to see it.

I have discovered anime and manga and been promptly sucked in, although I’ve only watched one anime (Shingeki No Kyojin, or Attack on Titan) and read two manga (Bleach and the manga AoT is based on.) About a week after I finished Attack on Titan, I decided to start watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Holy heck is that a good show, even if it’s disturbing that my nine year old brother likes it too. That had three seasons, so it took me a good week and a half to marathon. I have finished that, finally, but now I’m in the fanfiction binge stage.

I went shopping for clothes with my parents, vowed to bike every day (I’m holding to that promise) went to the library several times, acquired a membership card for the local froyo place, and did a few other things which I will detail in later posts.

See you later!


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