A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin

A muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin.

She’s smiling because the hat told her she had the potential for greatness and it’s not like anyone’s told her that Slytherin is purebloods only.

She’s smiling, but nobody claps for her, because she’s a muggleborn, and a Slytherin.

She stops smiling.


A muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. It doesn’t take very long for her to find out she’s unwanted by her housemates, teased by the Gryffindors. None of the pureblood Slytherins will talk to her, because she’s muggleborn, and none of the pureblood Gryffindors will talk to her, because she’s Slytherin.

She goes to the Hufflepuffs. She goes to the Ravenclaws. She chats with the muggleborns who are new to the prejudice, haven’t had it beaten into them yet.

She sets her jaw and smiles through her teeth, works for her grades, learns about the history of Hogwarts.

She will survive, and thrive.


A muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She’s kind of fucking sick of all of this blood purity nonsense, so she talks to a few other muggleborns, sends her sister a letter, saves her allowance, and smirks at the purebloods as she walks past.

She is a Slytherin. She has plans.

Her sister sends her what she asked for, custom rubber bracelets with MUGGLEBORN on them, in various colours. She hands them out to her friends.

A house elf tells her about the Room of Requirement, because she is a muggleborn and she has read a lot of books and she’s clever enough to know that the house elves will know everything and they’re sapient too, you know. (she hasn’t gotten to the more in-depth Harry Potter biographies yet so she thinks its a secret, doesn’t know about the DA. She’ll learn.)

She talks to the teachers, and enlists her friends, and they put up messages on all the House billboards.


She stands in the doorway of the Room of Requirement, polices people coming in, only lets in Muggleborns, gives each one a bracelet.

She smirks at the curious purebloods who’ve stopped by to see what’s going on, what the loud music is. (It turns out electronics work in the Room of Requirement. No internet or phone signal, but the iPod plugged into the dock with the battery pack is working great.)

“Sorry,” she says. “Muggleborns only.”


A muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She starts the Non Magical Heritage Club, and they hold bookclubs, read aloud the Lord of the Rings, do Muggle homework, discuss Wizarding politics, have dance parties, throw in a collective effort to develop a way for electronics to work in a magical place. They have tea parties and read Muggle books one of the Ravenclaws gets mailed from home. They make pop culture references and grin at each other when everyone else gets it. They have karaoke nights, and help each other study, and play paintball with Coloring Spells and generally have an enormously fun time. After a while, some of the halfbloods start asking to join, because they have non-magical heritage too, you know. The purebloods sneer, but stand by awkwardly as two Muggleborns discuss movies and kinds of music that they’ve never heard of before. The Muggleborn Slytherin smirks all the time, now.

The NMHC’s greatest accomplishment is successfully petitioning Headmistress McGonagall to let them bring their Muggle families up to the castle for Christmas. It’s one of the biggest Christmas parties Hogwarts has ever had, and they open up the ballroom for dances.

The Muggleborn Slytherin watches a pureblood ask her brilliant Muggle sister to dance.

She smiles.


A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She begins to allow purebloods to join, and changes the bracelets to say NMHC. Their parents are appalled. The weekend meetings change slightly, start centering around various parts of Muggle culture, end up being more educational than before. They still have fun, though. Pop Rocks go off extremely well. Reading Sherlock Holmes results in many purebloods scoffing at the idea that a Muggle could be smarter than them. She hands out cheap magnifying glasses and watches an entire generation of purebloods pretend to be a Muggle man. She teaches them about space travel, and watches every wizard’s jaw drop.

Pureblood parents come to the school to complain.

Muggleborn parents smile politely through their teeth.

The Muggleborn Slytherin graphically describes the Holocaust to purebloods.

Slytherins start to show up.

She tells them, look. This is a different world, and a wonderful world, but it’s not a better world. Look at what we can do. We’re all human, you know.


A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She graduates, goes into politics. Advocates for the gradual merging of the Muggle and Wizarding worlds.

It’s not like they won’t find out anyway, she says. Better it be on good terms.

There’s a long uphill fight, but she has a network of every single Muggleborn who went to Hogwarts while she was there, and half of the other students.

She meets with representatives from other countries, purebloods, whose children didn’t go to her groups. She invites them to come see a few. She asks pointed questions, drags them out into London for a day in the Muggle world. They go to the movies, to the amusement park, to the Science Museum. She recommends books.

They agree, eventually.


A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She shakes hands with the king (Queen Elizabeth passed away in 2025), and levitates her groceries behind her in Muggle London, in plain view of everyone. She gets a Chocolate Frog Card, and a Muggle biography.

Her work isn’t done yet, but she smiles.


A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin. She fucking owns it.


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4 Responses to A Muggleborn is sorted into Slytherin

  1. underhillmanor says:

    Love this!

  2. taraanneschiller says:

    I like it!

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    A house does not define who we really are 🙂

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