Estate Sale: Thursday

Sorry for the long wait, everybody, it’s been an exhausting week. See, next Friday we’re taking a plane to New York and then Paris, so we have to have the entire house cleared out and rented by then, which means lots and lots of work.

There are six people living in our house, and all of the stuff that you might imagine a six-person family might have, and we have to get rid of ALL of it. By next Friday. That’s the not so great part about selling all your stuff and moving to Europe.

Luckily, Mom came up with an idea for an Estate Sale. You know, those giant yard sales inside people’s houses that usually happen when someone dies? Yeah. One of those. Except that nobody died, obviously. Last Friday she fixed the date for today, and scheduled rooms to cover for each day.

We mostly stayed within our schedule, but procrastinated on Wednesday, and then found ourselves facing the HUGE ASS JOB that is the kitchen, one day before launch, and panicked a little. Chloe conveniently managed to work herself up into hysterics over moving (I’m not saying she isn’t upset abut moving, it was just very convenient) and Xander tends to not actually work unless he’s being closely supervised, while Dad was at work, so me and Mom had to tackle most of it.

There are four stages to having an Estate Sale: Clear out all the stuff so you know what you’re working with, sort the stuff into sets that can be sold together, price them, and then arrange them fetchingly on various counters.

I’ll give my little sister some credit: She cleared out every single kitchen cabinet, piled it all on the table, accomplished the entire thing in thirty minutes, and started to help us, but then an hour or two into the job she took a break and never really came back, except to waft forlornly around the kitchen looking pale and sick and exhausted and saying things about “soldiering through” until Mom ordered her to bed for a nap.

After three straight hours of pricing things and toting them around, I was getting sore because I’m a wimp and I don’t walk much so my feet were sore from standing, and I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I was exhausted, but I’m a goddamn Hufflepuff so I stuck it out. (Besides, Mom got less sleep than I did, I wasn’t going to make her do it alone.)

By five o clock (After working since 10 AM) I was physically and mentally exhausted, along with Mom and to some extent Chloe. (Xander was as perky as a puppy on a sugar high OF COURSE. (It grates worse when you’re tired.) We ate dinner, went and got ice cream, I got a special cone because I worked the hardest, and then we came back and wrapped it up, everything priced and arranged all ready to be sold the next day. Go us.

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2 Responses to Estate Sale: Thursday

  1. taraanneschiller says:

    You are awesome.

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