Obituary for Useless Time Waster

Bleeding and Broken Tumblr Logo

On July 24th, 2014, the Tumblr account i-am-the-fanwarrior was terminated. It will be missed, particularly by the part of my brain that likes to do utterly useless things like scroll through miles of dashboard and posts I’ve seen a million times, but I am never ever getting a Tumblr again.

Tumblr, you were utterly useless, confusing, dramatic, and filled with people who don’t know how to handle real life. There were the occasional tidbits of information or funny stories that made the rest of it almost tolerable, but not enough to justify the full year I spent on you.

It’s not you, it’s me: I’ve outgrown you, and acquired a life outside of the Internet. I don’t need to see the fandom gifs that are literally just that one clip from a show that everyone thought was funny. I’m sick of the memes, and the popularity-contest askbox questionnaires, and the constant social justice battles between prejudiced people, people who are way oversensitive and/or justify bullying majorities, and the people who are trying to strike a balance between the two. I can’t take the constant deluge of depressing text posts by sad people, and crude text posts by people who think they’re funny, and the information that I was so excited about but turned out to be false.  You have n0thing new to offer me, just the same posts over and over again.

Screenshot (1)

You were there for me during my awkward thirteen-year-old geek phase, and you introduced me to many new things: Thank you for that. Thank you for my new outlook on culture, history, and politics. Thank you for opening my mind to things beyond the end of my nose, and directing me to shows and books that opened it further. Thank you for teaching me it’s all right to be comfortable in your own skin, whatever it looks like. Thank you for giving me a support group, and a commonality with a million people.

But I’ve put away my Doctor Who shirts, and cut my hair, and you can only show me so many points of view, so I don’t need you anymore.

Goodbye, Tumblr. It’s been fun.

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2 Responses to Obituary for Useless Time Waster

  1. kamrynwhowanders says:

    I know this was hard for you and I can appreciate your ability to be retrospective. It was a huge part of your life, but you’re right, you’ve outgrown what it can give you. Way to go Kamryn!

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