5 Reasons To Rent A Furnished Apartment While Traveling: New York Edition.

1. The owner of said furnished apartment is generally happy to oblige you with transportation from your hotel to the apartment. Very rarely, the owner may have most of the cars available to her in use, which means that the only remaining car which can fit your large family is a limousine. A really swanky limousine, with like, drinks and nice seats. (It was cool.)


2. Everything is color coordinated. Everything. Pinks and greens and blues and black and white tastefully arranged in various palettes for different rooms, all of which work together in a charming medley of furniture and wallpaper that you are physically incapable of replicating in a home that is not tended by a team of interior designers. There may even be fancy, green-blue-and-white place settings with folded cloth napkins in glass wine goblets.


3. The owner of said furnished rental will know everything there is to know about the surrounding area, buses, shops, how to get into New York proper, etcetera, and will be able to show you on a detailed map, with several enthusiastic recommendations on where to go and how this particular district is one of the most lauded commercial districts in the country and how that corner is where the buses leave from.


2. It is considerably cheaper than staying in a hotel, particularly if you are not actually in New York, but in Newark, New Jersey, which is just across the river from Manhattan and half the price, which means you have money for other fun things like guided bus tours and cheesecake.


1. Complementary WiFi. Enough said.

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