Impressions of New York

I have never been in such a big city before. Los Angeles, yeah, but LA’s all titanium and glass and weird architecture, and there are spaces between the buildings that are big enough to walk between easily. New York… New York was something different. There are imposing, beautiful stone buildings walling you in on each side, centuries-old stone and brick and mortar, and everything has some kind of history. It’s bright and loud and crowded and frankly a bit intimidating but I have to admit, man, I love the city.


There’s always something going on, and somewhere to go, and some way to keep busy. Missing trees? Go to Central Park. Catch one of the buses, or walk, depending on how far you are. If you’re hungry, there is an enormous variety of restaurants, and also what appears to be a continuous stream of people in costume wandering around Times Square. One of the most memorable parts of visiting there was seeing Batman, Captain America, and the Hulk having a hurried conference under Batman’s cloak. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture.)


There was an odd kind of… delicacy to the city I was not expecting. I vaguely anticipated big grey metal-and-stone buildings with thousands of windows, dull and smoggy and crowded, but I didn’t think about the careful moldings around the windows, the weathered, smooth stones faintly tinted with various hues, spires and rickety, fancifully-wrought fire escapes zig-zagging across the building. There are rooftop gardens on some buildings, and balconies on others, and they’re all different in an eclectic way that fits together into something almost elegant. The skyline is utterly lovely at night, and there’s a kind of pride in knowing that those buildings were crafted by human hands.

NYC Library

I read a story about aliens coming to attack New York a day or so after we left and cringed the entire time, wincing at descriptions of Times Square crumbling and falling, of windows shattering and rocky dents being left in buildings. The city is uncomfortably real to me now, and the thought of it being destroyed is kind of horrifying. I’ve fallen a little bit in love with it, it seems. 

NYC Skyline 1

(Sorry about the late posting, our internet availability and routine has been fluctuating wildly and I haven’t really gotten around to this blog.)

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