Leaving You In The Lurch (Again. Sorry.)

So, it turns out, traveling is really, really stressful with four children and two adults without much money. I’ve told you about New York already, and I’ll start writing about Paris soon, but after staying in London for a week and a half we went back home to the United States to stay with our grandmother in Colorado. We’re planning to get a house here in Colorado that can serve as a home base, though we’ll still travel in the summers for, like, vacations and stuff. 


because we have no other choice

(The gif seemed appropriate, although using it might be mildly illegal because it’s a gif from a popular show.)

Anyway, I’m planning to start a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule next week, with Monday being the day I catch you guys up on our traveling and eventually things we’ve done and places we’ve been in Colorado, Wednesday being A-Funny-Thing-Happened-This-Week, and Friday being the day I talk about my prospective business, Kazam Baked Goods. It’s not going to launch until June 2015, but I’m doing tons of planning, learning, and raising money to talk about. It’s very exciting.

I’ll see you guys next week, all right?


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