Paris, Part II: The Failed Attempt At Touristing.

In Paris, we used the Metro to get around, and I proved, once and for all, that I actually have a really good sense of direction when I’m paying attention. Everything was in French, see, the names of the places, the announcer’s warnings, the directions, etc, so we were at our wits’ end. I read the maps and figured us out a route, then kept us on it so we could get where we wanted to go. Just by the way, I love using the Metro. It’s awesome. I wish they had a Metro where we live. Admittedly, not so much fun at rush hour, but still cool. 


The first day we were there we slept, the second, we spent wandering around for the first few hours, and then having to go home after my sister had a panic attack. (She gets really nervous and upset when there’s a lack of structure in her life, but usually she’s a badass, and she’d probably actually strangle me for calling it a panic attack as opposed to what she called it, which was “It was the French air giving me breathing problems, shut up.”), the third, we left my sister and baby brother at home and spent the day failing at being tourists. We stopped by the Catacombs, but it was our last day in Paris and the line was so long we decided to move on, so we went to see the Eiffel Tower.

(My pictures of the Eiffel Tower got deleted after my phone crashed. Sorry.)

The Eiffel Tower is huge. From a distance, it looks tiny and unimpressive, and then you get up close and there are massive beams and girders criss-crossing its entire length and you have to crane your neck to look at more than a leg, and you go under it and look up and there’s this massive hulking beast made of copper, steel, and whatever else crouching above you. It’s pretty cool, although not very much fun. There’s an elevator thing that winds up one of the staircases built into the tower, but the line for that had at least two hundred people in it, so we decided to take the stairs up to the lowest observation deck, except that the line for that had at least fifty people ahead of us, and then it started raining, and the line wasn’t moving, so we left. 

At that point, we decided that the Louvre was the only thing worth seeing left, so we went to the Louvre, and it was closed. We did have a chance to use their fancy pay toilet though. It was awesome. They had multicolored rolls of toilet paper decorating the walls, and after you did your business a guy came in and wiped down the seats with cleaner and spritzed an air freshener around so it wasn’t icky. (France: Best public restrooms ever, seriously.)

The last thing we ended up doing was getting crepes at a creperie, and that was okay, except that the crepe I got was this super fancy Nutella thing and it ended up being overly rich and weird-tasting. My sister, sensibly, got a raspberry crepe, and says that it was amazing, so, you know, whatever. 

The next morning, bright and early, we hopped on the train to London… but before that, we had some…problems. 

(Continued next Monday)

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