Rejected Princesses

Recently I stumbled across an intriguing website called, which showcases fabulous women from history and mythology who will never be made into Disney Princesses because they are too awesome, too awful, or too awkward. By awkward, I mean women like the protagonist from Donkeyskin, a French fairy tale where a king, after his wife dies, wants to remarry but decides that the only other person who is as wonderful as his wife had been is his daughter. Awkward. So, so, awkward. Luckily, he does not, actually, end up marrying his daughter, because the daughter procrastinates by making ridiculous requests, all of which he grants, until she can escape. The daughter actually ends up becoming a serving girl to another king a long way away, falls in love with him, and they end up married and the original king ends up dead, so, you know, happy endings all around. Except for the original king. He was creepy and evil though, so we don’t care about him. 

Anyway! Rejected There are lovely little illustrations in animated-princess style for you to look at, and I’d advise going through the entire archives: It was started in May, and he manages to make about five or six per month, so there aren’t very many. Here’s the link:

Have fun.

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