Teenage Unschooler: Completely Done.

Unschooling. It’s great, it’s cool, I am so unbelievably bored. I have a self-assigned curriculum, which is cool, but I can’t teach myself things I don’t know about. I don’t know what books to read, and, while Khan Academy is an amazing resource, there’s nobody there to go over the things I don’t understand with me. I’m not challenged. Also, I have no friends. I don’t even have the possibility of friends. I haven’t talked to anyone my age in months. I’ve barely talked to anyone outside my family in months.

On the other hand, though, school sucks. It’s simultaneously far too easy and utterly incomprehensible, and I don’t remember anything I learned there because I was just studying to get a good grade on my homework. There was a yawning gap between me and the other students, mostly because I was shocked by everything they said and they thought I was an obnoxious prude. Charter schools aren’t nearly as fun as you might think. They have very limited funding, the students are mostly dropouts from public schools, and the teachers usually aren’t all that great either. (No offense to those of my teachers who weren’t awful.)

Luckily, there’s these nifty things called “homeschool schools” or “open schools” where you choose how many days you want to go a week, what classes you want to take, and what goals you want to work towards. They’re geared towards homeschoolers, and, depending on the school, you can get credits through internships, community service, field trips, independent projects, and, really, just working towards your personal goals.

It’s like homeschooling, but with a facility and a support group. Cool, right?

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