Resolutions (And It Isn’t Even January)

Okay! I’ve decided to buckle down and make some resolutions, because I’m actually really lazy and I’m trying to overcome it. First off, I’m going to start with my homeschooling. *clears throat*

Math. I will complete at least twenty math problems per day, even on weekends. I will complete the Algebra 1 curriculum on Khan Academy by January. (I’m already 20 percent through, so it’s definitely doable.)

Spanish: I will earn 50 experience points on Duolingo per day, even on weekends. I will become fluent in Spanish by next September.

Coding: I will do five lessons on Codecademy per day, although I can be excepted on weekends. I will complete the Javascript tutorial by December.

Okay, and now for my chores:

I will do one load of laundry every day. I will wash it, dry it, and fold it.

I will empty and load the dishwasher every day. If there aren’t many dishes, I will hand wash those that need hand washing.


I will walk at least thirty minutes a day.

And, finally, my writing.

I will post on WordPress every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday without fail. (Yes, I know I do a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, but my stats are highest on a Tues-Thurs-Sat schedule)

I will write at least one page of Aconite, longhand, every day.

Any resolutions you guys want to make? Put them in the comments below. Qualify for my blog promo. (Three comments = follow and blog promo)

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7 Responses to Resolutions (And It Isn’t Even January)

  1. icedmocha34 says:

    I’d like to make a resolution to write more, but I always end up failing that anyway…. 😀

    • kamrynwhowanders says:

      It’s easier if you’re specific, I find. Like, “I want to write one page a day,” and then a bigger goal, like “I want to finish my first draft by this date next year.”

  2. lightthelie says:

    Awesome! I love resolutions and recording your progress always helps with follow through 🙂 keep it up! I wish I was fluent in Spanish…

  3. Franz says:

    Cool idea although everytime I come up with a resolution I always fall short. I withdrew from my math course so I could crash course on kahn academy. I mastered early math lol. But it took me awhile. I’m currently doing arithmetic hope to master that.

    • kamrynwhowanders says:

      Yeah, I’m working on Algebra 1. Manipulating Formulas is driving me up the wall because I *know* how to do it but I keep messing up the math because I’m going too fast or I format it wrong or I use the order of operations in the wrong order. I do five problems of it every day and I’ve been working on it for two weeks. When I get to the end it’s going to say I got 30% of like 50 questions right, I just know it.

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