Data Collection: Politics.

Alright! I want to know what kind of demographics there are on my blog, so I’m likely to be posting various polls in an effort to narrow it down.

Right now I have an interest in politics, so I want to know what kind of political parties you guys are from. I’ll talk about my own answer next week, when the results are in.


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5 Responses to Data Collection: Politics.

  1. kamrynwhowanders says:

    THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A POLL HERE. Sorry guys. Ignore this. I’m still puzzling out how to insert polls.

  2. Franz says:

    I am independent. I’m mostly conservative though. I am on the fence when it comes same sex marriage. But I don’t support people discriminating them. Contradictory I know. I support the medical use of weed but not for recreational though.

    • kamrynwhowanders says:

      Interesting. Why don’t you support same-sex marriage? Is it a “sanctity of marriage” thing? I, personally, support same-sex marriage, but I’d like to hear why you don’t. I promise not to be judge-y or try to change your opinions, okay, I’m just curious.

      • Franz says:

        I didn’t necessarily said i’m against it. I simply said that i’m indifferent when it comes to these type of things. Because there’s so much fire regarding the issue and people are quick to criticize on either side. So as a result i kinda keep my mouth shut on these types of things. Cuz politics is a dirty business and anyone can get caught in the crossfire.

  3. samuelchimmy says:

    am actually on a long tour of this blog- and I think I am getting interested(keep it up)- bur I really don’t like politics,we all know its the real problem this world got-and as for why I don’t give a damn? its because former measures to rescue politics only ended in devastation, I wish you good luck though-√ its rare for a young girl like your age to be interested In politics! once again keep it up – ah will come check you out occasionally…

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