UnPlug 2014

UnPlug 2014 is a campaign to reduce the amount of time that any given person spends on electronics per day. It starts with a detox. One week, no Internet. If this is not plausible for you because of work or school related reasons, instigate a no-online-entertainment policy. No social media, no games, no TV, etc. You can tailor it to your own interests.

After the week-long detox is over, reintroduce electronics in a limited way. Assign amounts of time that you can spend on school, entertainment, and other things. Such as an hour for school, an hour for entertainment. Stick to it. Try to use the computer as little as possible. Don’t watch TV, or allow yourself two shows a week.

Here is an extension for Chrome that will be a vast amount of help when trying to complete this challenge: StayFocusd

And here is a list of activities to do that don’t involve the Internet (The library is a wonderful resource. Use it.)







-Go for a walk

-Listen to music.

-Do yoga

-Talk with friends

-Play board games/solitaire

-Make toothpick architecture



-Make a collage

-Move your furniture around



-Play with modeling clay

-Go to the park/pool

I’m sure you can think of many others.

If you’d like to participate, or have other ideas for activities, comment below!

I’m going to be doing my detox week starting tomorrow and ending next Monday, so there’s going to be radio silence for about that long. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, just determined. I spend waaaaay too much time online.

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9 Responses to UnPlug 2014

  1. samuelchimmy says:

    He he he……impossible for ”nowadays the internet has become my bookshelf, adviser,and a lot! May I ask why we need an electronic detox?

    • kamrynwhowanders says:

      Okay, here’s the deal: If I’m on the computer all day, then I’m not doing other things, and I don’t want to do other things. That means that I’m always behind on my chores, I fight with my siblings over petty things because I’m angry about not being on the computer, other things seem boring because they’re not computer games, so I’m constantly bored when I’m not on the computer, I don’t make friends, I don’t exercise, I’m depressed, and eventually I spiral down into a meaningless, boring rut. So. Basically, I have to limit my computer time/detox every now and then so that I can remain a happy, unique, creative, and productive member of society. 🙂

  2. lightthelie says:

    This is awesome! Will miss your posts this week, but looking forward to hearing about your “week off” 🙂

  3. haha, no wonder I’m mom’s favorite! Who volunteers to do a detox!


  5. Shiri says:

    Wow! Is it an annual kind of thing?

    Btw- This year on February 12th 2015 is non-violent viewing day. I’m joining in and I’m trying to help spread the word. Check it out: http://pavingthewaytopeace.org/

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