Results of Unplug 2014

It was awful. I shouldn’t have done it. I failed.

Here’s the thing: I’m living in a hotel room right now. A two bedroom hotel room, with the five other members of my family, and I’m not old enough to drive. I don’t have phone service right now, so I can’t really walk places because if I need my parents to pick me up or there’s a creepy dude I can’t call anyone. The usual avenues of entertainment I use outside of the computer (Baking, sewing, gardening, reading, drawing, going for walks, etc.) are all closed to me. Basically, in attempting to *not* be on the computer I ended up watching cartoons with my little brother and not getting anything accomplished because all of my worthwhile goals and projects are computer-based.

I got bored around Wednesday and set up a Zazzle store online, which I’ve been working on this week. It’s called QuotePhones, and it’s a bunch of phone cases with quotes from classics accompanied by appropriate graphics. They’re kind of juvenile right now, but I’ll get better. Anyway, I really like my Jungle Book one. I made that snake on an extremely limited demo art program with no mouse. They’re super expensive, but you have to remember, these are designed for the iPhone 6 and those cases are really expensive right now. You can change the model of phone case before you buy it. Also! If you use that link, you get 15% off your purchase! Yay! And there’s a sale right now for 20% off everything! If you buy a 30 dollar phone case 35% off… hang on, let me do this on paper… it’s only $19.45! Totally affordable, am I right?

Yes, yes, I’m done with the shameless plugging. Seriously, though, go check it out.

Okay! Once my family moves into an actual house/apartment and we get settled in, I’ll try this again. Meanwhile, I have blogs to write, math to learn, Spanish to speak, and phone cases to design.

Adios, mi amigos! I’m off to go look at the carnage my absence has likely wrought on my poor Duolingo tree.

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2 Responses to Results of Unplug 2014

  1. lightthelie says:

    Hey, at least you tried! 🙂 “Once my family moves into an actual house/apartment and we get settled in, I’ll try this again” We can always try things again as our situations change! Great to realize this.

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