(I have too many posts titled) I’m Back!

Hi guys! Sorry about the whole haven’t-spoken-to-you-in-a-month thing. Totally my bad. Especially since the two weeks before I started ignoring you were very spottily posted. I’m flaky as a delectable slice of baklava, I know, but in my defence, I am suffering from a lack of emotional stability and routine, which is, I have heard, very important to the development of young people’s health.

So we’ve been in and out of Extended Stays and beach rentals–and dear Poseidon have I missed the ocean– for the last month, and we have no routine, and I have no books, so I’ve been bumming around on the computer all day and shriveling up inside. Waiting for us to settle down in our apartment so I could rebuild my schedule and bloom like a flower after a long winter. (I’ve been writing poetry so bear with me on these metaphors.) However, I have decided to BEGIN SCHEDULING NOW, so that when we get our apartment I can immediately implement my life plan.

Starting today I will BLOG EVERY DAY, even when I don’t want to, even if it’s just a reblog of another post or a paragraph of incoherent ranting about how much I don’t want to be blogging. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Feel free to metaphorically KICK MY ASS if I miss a day, as motivation so that I never have to title another post “I’m Back!”

I have decided that the personal flaw which I’m going to bust is laziness, and that means LOTS OF HARD WORK is in my future. I am going to PASS ALGEBRA 1 by the time I start school in January, in a furious attempt to catch up to a tenth grade level in all of my subjects. I am going to become FLUENT IN SPANISH by 2016. I am going to WIN NANOWRIMO and FINISH MY BOOK. I am going to START A GODSCURSED BUSINESS or maybe even three. I am going to MAKE THIS BLOG EFFING PRETTY and go for a 30 MINUTE WALK EVERY DAY.

And when I’m older, I will pass the SATS with FLYING COLORS, go to college, become a lawyer, and then go into politics. I am going to CHANGE THE WORLD. Or at least America. Just watch.

And most of all, I am going to have a wonderful life, and no one–NO ONE– will be able to stop me.

See you in hell.


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