Repurposed Poo

Yes. It’s a thing. I was shocked too. I ran across one, my morbid curiosity led me to the others, I regret everything.

There are several products made out of various kinds of animal poo. Here they are, in no particular order:

Civet Cat Coffee 

Wild Civet Coffee

This extremely expensive gourmet coffee is brought to you by an adorable little animal called the Civet Cat. Civet cats live in the jungle, and occasionally feel the need for a caffeine boost. They amble over to the coffee plantations that are situated nearby, munch happily on coffee cherries, and then poo out the hard stone–the coffee bean. Farmers then collect the little lumpy nuggets, sift them, roast them, and then sell them for lots of money. Apparently, the civet cat’s anal glands make the coffee beans taste musky and rich. Ew. Ewwww. Oddly fascinating, and I kind of want to try some, but ew. Make sure, if you do end up trying some, to only get wild civet coffee. Some people run horrible factory farms where they force feed poor little civets coffee beans in the search for a profit. Awful thing.

obtain some here




This (odorless) paper is made from the poo of various plant-eating animals, who have so much fiber in their feces it can be used to make paper. Perfect for those horse/elephant/panda fanatics in your family. For real, though, it’s super sustainable and eco-friendly and it has a great brag factor. Imagine bringing that into school or work like “Yeah, I’m just gonna sit over here and write my report on this lovely piece of elephant dung.” In sixth grade a kid brought in paper made from granite and we thought it was the coolest thing ever. I can only imagine what would have happened if he’d brought this in.

obtain some here



Coprolite Necklace

It’s fossilized poop. There’s not much else to say. Sometimes it’s dinosaur poop, sometimes it’s mammal poop, sometimes it’s millions of years old, sometimes only a hundred. The interesting thing is when they make it into astonishingly pretty jewelry. You can see what they were eating, although you can’t tell what it is. Weird.

obtain some here



Loowatt Toilet

This is my personal favorite, and involves actual human poop. See, it’s a toilet. You poo in the toilet, the toilet wraps up your poo in biodegradable membrane like a particularly stinky present, and then plops it in a tank for bacteria to eat and release methane gas. When the methane gas is burned, it produces electricity! Completely clean, sustainable energy! Why isn’t everyone using this? Oh. Right. Probably grosses people out. Especially since some of their toilets are made from poop.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently buy a Loowatt, as it’s still undergoing testing in Madagascar. Check back in ten years or so, though, and you may obtain your very own energy-generating toilet.


Those were all I could find, but, in my Googling (My search history is interesting now) I found this fascinating link. Scroll down until you get to DEFINITIONS OF POOP and prepare to laugh until you cry. Seriously.

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