Constructing A Good Life

My ideal life, at the moment, involves being busy. Very, very busy, the kind of busy that means that I can totally hang out with you as long as I push back these non-time sensitive projects and rush through that tomorrow. I also would like to travel, (I’ve actually been outside the country now, and can definitively say that I LOVE traveling) have a large and fun friend group, throw parties, be challenged intellectually, and have enough money to buy the things I want. Here are the steps I’m taking to achieve those goals:

I have three businesses that I’m working on right now, including a Zazzle store with phone cases that have classic quotes on them, a tiny bakery stand I’m planning on running from my porch or the crosswalk by the high school, and a babysitting business. One third of the total profits will go to a charity in Africa that my grandfather helps run, which is working towards providing education for impoverished children and helping to provide jobs after they graduate and meals while at school. It will likely be the only meals they get all day, and some don’t even eat on weekends. One third will go into a savings account that will go towards traveling, and one third will be spending cash.

I am also developing a pretty demanding school schedule in preparation for entering a charter school in January: I need to be caught up to a tenth grade level in order to fully understand the curriculum. As such, I’ve been researching topics that a ninth grader would be expected to know upon graduation, and working furiously towards completing Algebra 1 on Khan Academy. I’ve also been concentrating on my Spanish skills, because A. I live in California which shares a border with Mexico, and B. Knowing multiple languages looks good on your college portfolio. I really want to go to college eventually, because I want to become a lawyer. Yes, yes, I know, hahaha, boring lawyers lie all the time and are evil, whatever. Lawyers also help defend the innocent and bring criminals to justice, and you get to argue with Facts and Evidence and try to convince a jury. From there, I’m hoping to springboard into politics and Change The World. Or at least America. Even if it’s only in a small way. I am slowly learning that you can’t just do the whole “make a law, and people will follow it” thing. You have to convince people, enough people that whatever you’re trying to prevent becomes a social stigma so that even people who don’t believe in what you’re doing will follow along in order to look good in front of their peers.

As for my friends, I currently have two really good friends and a friend of a friend who I’m making friends with (? It’s complicated) and I have a five step plan for making friends when I go to school in January. (It involves bribery with baked goods and a list of ways to start conversations.) Next year I’m going to throw ALL of the parties, just you watch me.

On the more fun side of things, I’m also collecting a series of hobbies, including sewing, baking, science, biking, a dance class, and a Speech and Debate club. I WILL NEVER BE BORED AGAIN!

And on top of all that, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck!

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