Making My Way Downtown, Walking Fast… Walking Faster…

This, my dear readers, is the story of how a nice gift shop lady pressured me into spending all of my money on air freshener.

For the record, I hate air fresheners. I mean, I like them in theory, but I really actually hate them and I would never buy one usually. Also for the record, I never intended to buy anything when I went into that little gift shop. I was browsing, poking around. I was going to smell all of the handmade soap and then leave, okay?

So I’m poking around the store, and there’s these little vanilla air fresheners, without price tags. I’m like, “Oh, that’s cool, how much is this? Maybe I could come back and get it sometime, or something.” So I ask the gift shop lady, “Hey, how much is this?”

“It’s 6.99” the gift shop lady says, and starts writing a receipt. Like. She just assumes I’ll buy it. I have a five dollar bill and an indeterminate amount of quarters so I’m just nervously counting out my quarters because I have a hard time saying no to people, and joy of joys, I only have 6.50!

“Oh, whoops, looks like I don’t have enough quarters,” I say, relieved, but the nice gift shop lady is determined.

“Don’t worry, dear, I’ll cover it,” she says. “I know you’re really going to like this. Would you like a nice little bag for that?”

I nod sheepishly and accept my cute little bag and then she starts getting chatty.

“Are you from around here?” she says, and I say

“Yeah, my family just moved into the apartments across the street,” so she gives me a map of Old Town and something called the Neighbor that is basically a thick newsletter kind of deal with all of the good restaurants and events and all, and says,

“You should come by and chat with me some time,” and my stomach just drops because I know if I come back she’ll just pressure me into buying the candles she was hand-dipping in the back, so I nod and stammer and escape out the door with my cute little bag and two pieces of paper.

The air freshener is awful and I hate it and I was supposed to spend my money on books at the library bookstore, darn it. Ugh. Curse you, nice gift shop lady!

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