*GASP* I, I, I Missed a Post!

How horrible! What a terrible person I am! I have failed miserably in every way! *weeping* I cannot believe I missed yesterday’s post!

Sorry about the melodrama: I’ve been watching a lot of anime. A lot. Like, I was up until (redacted) watching anime last night, which was, well, ill-advised, and I ended up not waking up until 1:30 in the afternoon. Hahahahaha…. (Thank the gods I’m homeschooled.). And anime is very, very melodramatic. Even the mostly-serious shows have a ton of melodrama. There are more artistically crying boys in anime than any other type of show I’ve watched, and the girls cry even more. When the characters are angry, they are BERSERKER FURIOUS, and when they’re happy, they sparkle. Literally. There are little sparkly things in their hair and eyes. Speaking of which, a lot of characters have enormous eyes. HUGE eyes. One third of their face is eyes. And they blush all the time. It’s either little red squiggly lines on their cheeks or their ENTIRE FACE goes red from the bottom up. Also, all of the characters are very, very pretty except for the bad guys. And everyone is vaguely gay. Like, almost never explicitly (Except in their specific gay category) but everyone compliments each others’ eyes and smiles and makes each other blush.

tamaki blushes a lot

There are a ton of different genres of anime, some of which I stay far, far away from. (They have an entire genre of high school romance. There are entire shows devoted to mapping out the romance story of two high school students. Probably with lots of fluttery “Notice me, senpai.”) I stay mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi categories, although I’ve splurged into a parody anime making fun of basically every romantic anime ever. One of the main characters spends at least part of each episode curled up into a little ball in the corner rocking back and forth and pouting as he produces inexplicable shadows of darkness to hide in, even in a brightly lit room.

Tamaki's corner of woe

Unfortunately, most of the anime I’ve watched, while funny and interesting and in possession of badass female characters, tends to be a little sexist/homophobic/otherwise problematic. For example, those badass female characters are only badass until they are, inevitably, kidnapped by the bad guy and then spend their time sitting near the window and sighing “I know he’ll come for me,” as the bad guy makes creepy remarks at them. And any gay relationships, if they explicitly exist, are treated as things to be disapproving of, with mostly bad guys being gay, and the main characters making “funny” remarks about “Wait, are they, like, gay? Weird.” Also, lots of incest. So much incest. Like, incestuous relationships aren’t really even remarked upon. It’s just melodrama about “Oh no! I’m in love with my Onii-chan!” (Big brother) and then, depending on the show, the big brother lets her down gently or, in that one parody show I’m watching, they are apparently together the entire time? (Twins. Incest. They make a point out of it. It’s a bit disturbing, I try to skip those parts.) And apparently cousin relationships are perfectly okay. Japan, man.

Rukia in the Shrine of Penitence

I would like to state, however, that Attack On Titan, or Shingeki No Kyojin, is mostly exempt from all of these problematic things. Roughly half of the soldier characters are female, and none of them ever need to be saved by a man, except in circumstances where everyone needs to be saved by a specific man, there’s a gender-neutral character named Hanji, and a villain character is redeemed by her love for this girl named Christa. It’s a really great show, even if it’s terrifying. (Think zombie apocalypse, except that it’s already happened, humanity is isolated within three enormous concentric walls, and the zombies are 9 to 100 feet tall, called Titans, and only have one weak point on the back of their necks. Except, oops, did we say three walls, no, the third was recently broken into by a 1000 foot Titan who kicked the gate open, millions of people are dead, most of the farms are gone, oh no, how awful.) Also, no incest! Yay! Not even anything resembling incest! There really aren’t any romantic relationships at all, actually. They don’t have time. They’re too busy surviving.

Mikasa Ackerman Military Training

Yeah, so, basically, I’m becoming a total anime freak, although SNK is still the best anime I’ve watched. Do with that information what you will.




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1 Response to *GASP* I, I, I Missed a Post!

  1. randomblogger3 says:

    Good post 🙂 I really hope you are reading the SnK manga.
    When I started watching anime I vowed not to watch romantic ones, only the ones that had action but I just watched ouran and clannad but I’m not going any farther than that. No hentai for me.

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