Top Ten Thoughts Every NaNoer Has

10. “Oh, come on, I’m nearly at my wordcount, I can have my reward now, right?


Shhh we won’t tell anyone

9. “I don’t think I’m going to reach my wordcount today. Eh. It’s only like 3000 words I have to write tomorrow, right?”



8. “Why did I write that?”


What was I trying to say?

7. “Haha I would never write this kind of scene outside of NaNo but I’m having so much fun.”

Let's Party

Cleaning up is what the second draft is for, amiright?

6. “That guy has 50k already? Ugh, now I feel inadequate.”

Tamaki's corner of woe

I’ll just be over here in my corner of woe

5. “It’s not procrastinating if I’m on the NaNo website.”


spoiler: still totally procrastination

4. “So I’m totally not bragging but my wordcount is like twice as high as my friend’s.”

above my goal

#totally bragging (Sorry, Chris!)

3. “I’ll probably win this time.”


I will absolutely win this time because I am the NaNo QUEEN.

2. “This is the worst story I’ve ever written and I am a terrible person for thinking I could do this.”


Don’t worry everyone else’s story is just as bad as yours. Possibly worse. I’m looking at you 50k Day people.

1. “Wow, look at all the words I’ve written.”


Did I just do that?

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2 Responses to Top Ten Thoughts Every NaNoer Has

  1. This is awesome.
    And also procrastination.
    But so is me reading it.
    Going back to the point about it being awesome.

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