NaNoWriMo Fried My Brain

Do you even know how hard it is for me to think in terms above “hurr-durr, now what,” right now? Seriously, regurgitating a whole 300 words of my experiences per day for this blog is almost above my capabilities. I think it might be NaNoWriMo, that sneaky, brain-eating zombie of productiveness and hard work. Except that I’m not really doing too well with my NaNo, either. Hmmm.

Maybe I’m just going to bed too late and waking up too late. So that I’m lethargic and sleepy all day. That could be it. Or I guess it could be the shows I’m watching and the books I’m reading and the fact that I’m immersed in a completely different world 24/7 and can’t pay attention to right now. I’m slacking off on all my schoolwork, but, to be fair, so is everyone else. (In my family. I mean. I can’t speak for anyone outside of that, homeschooled or not.)

My intelligence and spatial awareness appears to be the only thing damaged, since I am perfectly capable of doing chores and going for walks, but as soon as I get home it’s just. Blah. I need to get active! Be intelligent and happy! Productiveness, woo!

And yet. It’s so haaaaard. I don’t want to, and I’m tired all the time and I have headaches and it, like, physically hurts to use my brain right now. I’ll start tomorrow, though, I guess. Which means I need to get to bed by 10 tonight, in order to wake up early tomorrow and be super-duper productive and happy. Maybe I’ll do some experiments, in order to determine the cause of my lethargy. Perhaps the day after tomorrow I can not look at a screen all day, write up my NaNo in a notebook, etcetera, to see if that helps. I’ll keep active, drink caffeine, do whatever in order to increase my thoughtfulness and productivity! Woo!

Now, I have spewed my regular 300 words of thoughts, and I’m still tired and lethargic and upset, so I’m not even going to add any photos. *GASP*

Nope. No photos. What photos would even be relevant?

Anyway, goodnight, I guess.

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