Search Terms November

These are the things people Googled or Binged in November in order to find my blog. I have no idea what a lot of these have to do with my blog, and a few require some deciphering, but it’s nice to know I am visible on search engines

I did a post called Defiance Against That One Dude On The Internet about teenage authors, and one of the authors mentioned is Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein. That accounts for the views I got from people searching for:


frankinstein imagen.

Even though there was only one throwaway sentence about Frankenstein in the post. Two different people got my blog when searching for Frankenstein. That’s a pretty high-traffic search term. I think I’m getting popular on Bing. Another post, my Top Three Animals You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of, was likely what popped up when people searched for things like:

how to not be scared of rabies

terrfying animals you shouldnt be afraid of.

Top Ten Facts You Will Never Be Able To Unread garnered a search term, the most intriguingly misspelled of the lot. I can tell what they’re trying to say, but they are obviously not the kind of person to correct their typos.

dies tge average chocolate bar really hace 8 insect legs in ut?

I am laughing so hard. Try reading that out loud, it’s hysterical. Supposedly Romantic netted me this:

romantic things to say to a girl.

Hopefully, he/she will now know what not to say to a girl. I don’t know what the others wanted. I’m not sure how they found my blog. I hope they found what they were looking for?

what is a spam for teens

stratego spotter attack

words that have to do with teen emotions

what is nano teen

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2 Responses to Search Terms November

  1. Laughed so hard at this! You er un specle kid.

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