The Common Sense Guide To Party Throwing.

***This post is inspired by the utterly pathetic showing at the Old Town Christmas Parade. I am ashamed of you, guys. A parade is supposed to be a party, not a bunch of elementary schoolers walking with glowsticks, with a good two to five minutes between each group of people. Honestly.***

The first and most important rule of throwing a party is always be doing something. If that something is a lunch break to give everybody time to wind down, fine. But every party needs to be jam-packed with activities. For example, my sister and I’s (Me and my sister’s?) epic glow-in-the-dark dance party last year had games ranging from Hide And Go Seek In The Dark, to Darts/Russian Roulette with Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (Lowest score has to pick from a jar filled with Jelly Belly’s new Every Flavor Beans, including such charmers as Rotten Egg, Skunk Spray, Wet Wipes, Earthworm, and Dirty Diaper), to Who Am I? (a game where people got pieces of paper taped to their backs with names on them, and had to ask other people yes or no questions to figure out who they were.) And in between the games, there was dancing going on, with a playlist specifically set up for the occasion, a disco ball, and everyone wearing glowsticks.

Disco Ball

Speaking of playlists, the second rule of party-throwing is music. Have some kind of music rocking in the background, something upbeat. The Animals by Martin Garrix station on Pandora is excellent for this. Otherwise there is a dragging, awful silence, and awkward conversations in order to fill that silence.

The third is not to drag it out too long. Around two or three hours is the maximum amount of time that the party should last, otherwise everyone is tired and you’ve run out of activities and the food’s almost gone and everyone ends up playing video games or segregating themselves into little groups to chat. Not necessarily a bad thing, if everyone there has at least one or two close friends also in attendance. Otherwise, there is just so much awkward.


Fourth is to have plenty of good food. Pizza’s always nice, and you can make little mini personalized pizzas with naan bread and toppings as an activity, too. Burgers, hot dogs, fruit platters, potato chips, enough food so that everyone can eat and good enough quality that they want to. PLAN AHEAD.

Okay, I’m tired now and I’ve run out of rules, so just remember these four rules and your parties should be considerably more epic than the average party. Peace.

Water tribe out

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