Where I Live.

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No, I’m not going to give you my address. What kind of moron do you think I am? I’m also not going to tell you what town I live in, or the directions to my house, or major landmarks nearby. Nope. That’s like, rule #1 of internet safety.

However, I did think you guys would like to see what my environment basically looks like. No street signs, no landmarks, just plants and hills and cute little apartments and signs of fall. Not winter. This is California. We have no winter. I mean, we have a rainy season, although not for the past few years, but it doesn’t get below 40 degrees. Except at night, when it can plunge to 20 degrees. *sigh* Deserts.

Awesomely enough, I recently learned how to create a slideshow in my WordPress blog post, as you can see above.  I’m super excited about it, all like “Look at my awesomesauce photo presenting skills.” Yeaaaaaaah.

Anyway, now you can picture me strolling down the street with rather more accuracy than before. Setting is important, after all. 🙂

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3 Responses to Where I Live.

  1. Those are awesome photo presenting skills.

  2. samuelchimmy says:

    May i ask if you have any socoial media outlet for your blog .fb,twitter,pinstrest,reddit etc.

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