It turns out that I really, really hate doing a niche blog. It also turns out that when I’m doing cool things I want to write about my life, and when I’m not doing cool things I want to write articles. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of cool things, so I want to write personal posts, so I don’t want to write articles, and if I’m doing a niche blog, I can’t do personal stuff.

OneTeenLiving is just. So. ORGANIZED. And I have to act like an expert. I’m not an expert. There is no part of me which has any kind of expertise. I can spell. That’s a thing I can do. I am a walking dictionary. Also, I am sad because I’m not getting enough traffic/followers. I already have tons of traffic and followers here. (Well, I say tons…) Why did I leave?! What was I thinking?

I’m returning to a more personal blogging style, okay? More of what I feel about things instead of what I know about things. It’s all gonna be about me guys. You’re reading the Me blog. I’m sticking to a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule though, because otherwise I stress. There will be extra posts, but I have to do the Mon-Wed-Fri posts. Yay, consistency and quality!

(I’m going to go back and mess with the categories because the category names make zero sense.)

Also, I am reading tons and tons of material on writing good articles, and writing about yourself, and making information into stories. If you guys have any helpful resources or even just really good articles for me to read, I would love that.

See you Monday, my faithful readers!

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