Character Development Questionnaire.

I’ve come up with a bunch of questions to answer in order to make your characters SUPER awesome and well developed. The questions range from “What Hogwarts house would they be in?” to “Name three things they aren’t very good at,” to “What are three things that they do not condone under any circumstances?” to “What do they do to calm down when they’re stressed?” Lots of threes.

Tell you what, I’ll even give you the answers for one of my minor characters.

Character Questionnaire (1)

I spent forty-five minutes making this and agonizing over every part of it. It’s a bit asymmetrical, yes, but we are going to remain silent about that because if I have to stare at this thing for one second longer I am going to screech and break things.

Name? Lucy O’Dale, or “Luce.”

Age? 14 years old.

Species? Werewolf, or wolf shifter.

What do they look like? Luce is tiny, only about five feet high and built small with a blonde pixie cut, big brown eyes and a streak of purple running down the side of her head. Her nose turns up at the end, making her look a little impish, and she has a lot of freckles on her pale skin. Her wolf form can carry over the purple streak if she concentrates hard enough, which she finds enormously entertaining, and makes for a very odd sight.

What are three positive character traits they have? She is friendly, generous, and fiercely protective of anyone in her friend group.

What are three negative character traits they have? She is vindictive when hurt, prone to mischief when she’s bored, and manipulative.

Other character traits? She’s very forthright. When she wants something, she goes for it. If she has a crush, she asks the other girl out. If she’s hungry, she gets something to eat. If she needs money, she– well, she asks Fenrir for money because she’s also pretty lazy. She does not hesitate to drop friends who have proven to be bad for her, which is not necessarily a bad thing. She changes her mind easily, with brief, passionate interest in one thing or another that goes away quickly. She believes that she knows best, and frequently disobeys Fenrir in favor of her own ideas.

What Hogwarts house would they be in? Ooh. This is a hard one. Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, I think.

What do they do to calm down when they’re stressed? Luce locks herself in her room and blasts some music until she’s worked out her stress through the proxy of angry girl rockers.

Three skills? Luce knows bits and pieces of a lot of things, but never sticks with anything long enough to really learn it. She does get good grades in English class, though, and she can do her makeup like a pro. Also, she can frost cupcakes beautifully. (She is also fluent in sign language, thanks to her brother.)

Three things she is bad at? Same as the above: She knows bits and pieces of everything. She attempted to pick up the violin at one point, and discovered that she is incredibly bad at it. She dropped it immediately, irritated. She struggles with math, and consistently loses at Mario Kart, despite her werewolf reflexes.

What are three things they absolutely do not condone under any circumstances? Killing an unarmed person, rape, torture and child/spouse abuse. (That’s four, technically five, but those are her absolute limits.)

What kind of relationships do they have with their family members?  Luce is very close with her older brother Rory, who is deaf. Rory is even-keeled and patient, and tends to balance out her short attention span, usually by sitting on her until she calms down. They sign at each other, fluently, and are unforgiving to anyone who hurts their siblings. Luce is definitely the annoying little sister, though, and Rory has been known to sit with his eyes closed so he can’t see what Luce is saying. They have good relationships with their parents, and they were raised in a kind of cheerful anarchy by the were pack they belong to. There was a lot of dithering when Fenrir showed up to request them to join his puppy pack, but eventually, after confirming that the pack is only an hour’s drive away, he was allowed to take them.

Major emotional goal(s) in life? Luce wants to be safe and happy and loved, and if she feels unsafe or unloved or consistently unhappy, she leaves for a healthier, brighter environment. She experiments all the time to try and find things that make her even happier than before, and creates a positive environment around her.

There you have it. Luce Rochester, everybody! A semi-minor character in my current piece of writing, Aconite! Woo!

If you’re interested in using these questions to develop your character, just copy, paste, delete all of the bits not in italics and fill them in with your own answers.

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