Adventures In Knitting

I have recently taken up the art of knitting, thanks to a bargain-bin knitting starter kit at Barnes and Noble with pumpkin colored yarn that is actually really ugly on me and my discovery of Welcome To Night Vale. I knit and listen to Welcome To Night Vale because I can’t just sit there and knit, it is incredibly boring, and I can’t just sit and listen to Welcome To Night Vale without doing something, so I multitask and everything is wonderful.


You can see where I knit basic garter stitch (See the even, horizontal rows? That’s what happens when you knit all of your stitches) and where I switched to ribbing (The vertical rows nearest the needle, knit two, purl two.)

I knit myself a lopsided orange beanie that I made by knitting a long square of cloth and then using the ends to tie it together, and right now I’m doing a knitting-stitches-practice scarf thing. Then I’m going to start in on my One Pound of off-white yarn in a lower weight than the worsted-weight orange I’ve been using. It’s harder to knit with, but I’ll manage, especially now that I’ve got the purl stitch down.

Scarves look approximately 500% better with ribbing, and the way to accomplish ribbing is the classic “Knit two, purl two, knit two, purl two,” etc. There’s a knitting pattern that came with the starter kit for a ribbed scarf which I’m going to try out once I’ve finished my orange yarn. It t

I keep procrastinating though, because Welcome To Night Vale just isn’t holding my attention like it used to. I have an audiobook called Keturah and Lord Death, but it’s the kind of book that I need to read in one sitting and digest because it’s got beautiful writing and a melancholy atmosphere and a fairy tale structure and I’m having a hard time with the audiobook structure. Ah, well. I’ll figure it out.

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2 Responses to Adventures In Knitting

  1. minniex says:

    I kind of want to try it hard?

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