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Character Development Questionnaire.

I’ve come up with a bunch of questions to answer in order to make your characters SUPER awesome and well developed. The questions range from “What Hogwarts house would they be in?” to “Name three things they aren’t very good … Continue reading

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Adventures In Editing: Part One.

I really didn’t mean to start editing Aconite so soon. I thought, hey, I’ll take a week long break and maybe start then. But no, my story called. I just finished editing the first, oh, page or so, so I … Continue reading

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NaNo Inspiration

It’s the last week of NaNoWriMo, and I am 4000 words away from reaching that most vaunted of goals: 50k in one month. However, these last 4000 words are, apparently, impossible to write. I wrote 350 words yesterday. Total. That … Continue reading

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