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I’m Getting A… Job?

I’m not sure it counts as a job if it’s your parents paying you to do it, but hey, I have a job now. I cook for the family, ten bucks a meal, five days a week. I only cook … Continue reading

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To-Burn-For Gingersnaps

Today, my lovelies, I have gifted you with an advance Christmas present: To-Burn-For Gingersnaps. There are two reasons why these are called To-Burn-For. One of them is metaphorical: These are cookies worth visiting the Place That Burns All Year for. … Continue reading

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Kazam! Or How I Started A Teeny Bakery

Now, when I say teeny, I mean itty-bitty-eensy-weensy-seven-packages-of-cookies-in-a-mixing-bowl small. And it’s not really a bakery. It’s more like, I made cookies, packaged them super-cute with cellophane and blue ribbon, and sold them at the homeschooling group I attend. Two cookies … Continue reading

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Many Marvelous Muffins.

I like to bake. I like to bake a lot. Particularly muffins, which are quick, easy, relatively filling, and less guilt-inducing than cookies. There are many different kinds of muffins, but my apple and blueberry are to kill for, so … Continue reading

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Kazam! Baked Goods.

I think I promised you a post about Kazam! Baked Goods, right?  All right, here’s the deal: Next June, coming to you in Littleton Farmer’s Market, is the Kazam! Baked Goods Vendor. At least, if all goes according to plan.  … Continue reading

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In Which Pizza Is Made Unnecessarily Complicated.

So, earlier this week, my mom got me stuff for flatbread pizzas, but forgot to get the flatbread. As you can imagine, it’s very hard to make flatbread pizzas without flatbread. On the next shopping trip, I asked for flatbread … Continue reading

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